Tassy Travel – Part 2

Some Panoramas from Tasmania. Used Hugin for the stitching.


60 thoughts on “Tassy Travel – Part 2

  1. Thank you for the program link!

    My main problem is getting to a place I can bring my camera without fear and having lovely places like your pictures to photograph.

    Then of course setting up a tripod there. =)


  2. I’m sure you can find somewhere to take some shots, I think you can find interesting views everywhere!
    Don’t worry about a tripod, I didn’t use one for any of these, just try to keep the camera level and stay in the same spot as you take the shots.

  3. From a Tasmanian… Please spell Tassie Tassy. Love your images, particularly of Wine Glass Bay. I remember walking there with my family on a summer holiday and my dad insisting that we all had to swim in the water. It became a competition for who could stay in the longest. I think I lasted 2min before I froze! Did you pick yourself up a book of Peter Dombrovskis photography before you left?

  4. I really loved Tasmania, you’re lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Thanks for pointing out Peter Dombrovskis, I’ll check out his work. I did get have the opportunity to look through a book of photographs by Olegas Truchanas and I especially loved the photos of Lake Pedder before it was flooded.
    So is it Tassy or Tassie? Beacuse I already did spell it Tassy..?

  5. Tassie is the spelling.

    Actually I don’t live there anymore, my family have been there for generations, but I’ve been living overseas for a while- Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Switzerland and Indonesia have been home at various stages of my life.

  6. Hey, The pics are awesome, love the stitching – I have lots of shots I have been meaning to try and do justice to with an easy to use programme. Hopefully I’ll be a whizz with hugin! We are in Tassie, living across the river from where the fires were, and nearly had to evacuate on the Sunday – luckily the wind changed! Thanks for the great pics

  7. Love your photos and love Tasmania too! So much to see and do in such a small area. Hope to get back there some day.

  8. Cool.
    Try mountain pics on my blog nikeshghimire.wordpress.com.
    Am especially proud of pictures from Taplejung and Dhampus.

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