Alleys of Sydney

All taken around the Sydney CBD with my Canon 5DII + 16-35mm L.

By Hugh Carrick-Allan


2 thoughts on “Alleys of Sydney

  1. Where about in the CBD did you shoot these? I’m shooting a film and I need some alleyways, and these are amazing. In particular the 2nd one at the top with the stairs and the windows either side

  2. They were all around the CBD. The one with the stairs was down on Lower Fort St in Dawes Point next to the bridge. I think it’s number 30 judging by Streetview, which inconveniently has a truck parked in front. It’s smaller than it looks though and that pic, as with all of these, was taken on a very wide lens.
    I can roughly remember/work out where most of these are so let me know if you want the location of any of the others.
    In general though, there were some cool alleys around Hunter St at the north end and also between Town Hall and China Town west of George St. From memory Wynyard Ln was quite cool and pretty long so it might be worth checking out.

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