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Monthly Archives: June 2009

I was playing with timelapse the other day using the webcam on my eee pc.I used the webcam2000 software and wrote a simple looping batchfile to save an image off every 10 seconds.

cloud timelapse

This is my first attempt:

This was taken from Rushcutters Bay in Sydney facing NNE. I started at about midday and finished just after 5pm.


I thought I would kick this off with a post about a TV commercial I worked on a little while ago for Nestle Club Chocolate.

club chocolate

It was done at Collider ( and the crew were:

Director: Andrew Vander Westhuyzen

Post Producer: Pat Dedal

Fluid Simulation: Serge Kovalenko

Lighting / Shading / Rendering: Dylan Neill

Animation etc.: Hugh Carrick-Allan